Seclusion in the Woods

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I recommend that every person spend time alone in nature – preferably somewhere forested and full of life; such as the woods.
However, a desert will work fine too – anywhere that is untouched by ‘man’ will do. By this, I mean an area of nature, regardless of its environment or climate, where there are no traces of man – no buildings, no homes, no roads and most importantly – no people.
When one spends time alone in the wilderness, one realizes how petty all their problems are. So many of the things that bother us, that hurt us, that cause us to stress – these things tend to be human creations. We worry about our financial situation, about our relationships, about our looks or body. We feel trapped, or alone, or worthless in the modern, industrialized world – with all its arbitrary rules, constricting social norms and unobtainable expectations.
But when one is in nature, one is truly free. Nature does not care how you look, or how much money you have, or what jobs you have or your eduction or what name you’ve made of yourself. Nature does not care about any of this. You could be a successful millionaire or a poor beggar – in nature, superficial titles and achievements mean nothing. In nature, it is the will and the character of the individual that determines ones worth. In nature, the only laws one must follow are the Laws of Nature.
Thus, I recommend that one spend time alone in nature in order to realize that they too, like everything around them, are merely parts of a larger whole. Personally, if it was not for the nature I probably would have killed myself long ago.
So go out and spend the day alone in the wilderness. Meditate, contemplate, or simply wander around – but go, leave this industrialized world and be reunited with mankind’s true environment.

Man and Nature

Men think they own the earth, but in reality it is the earth that owns them.
This thought occurred to me when I was watching the Werner Herzog film Aguirre, the Wrath of God. Basically, the story is about a group of Spanish Conquistadors who journey into the Amazon jungle seeking treasure and gold.
There is one particular scene in the film (I don’t remember it word for word, so I will summarize) but basically the Conquistadors ‘claim’ the land of the Amazon and name a King, and the King says something along the lines of ‘All this land is ours now.’
And when he said that ‘All this land is ours now,’ the next scene showed the group of Conquistadors on a small raft surrounded by the vast Amazonian jungle. It was somewhat humorous, because here were these tiny little humans who thought that this vast, menacing, destructive jungle was somehow ‘theirs’ – as if they actually had control over nature.
Indeed, we seem to forget that we belong to nature – nature does not belong to us.