Thoughts on Islam

Image result for praying mujahideenOf course I am critical of Islam. I am against almost all of its tenets and beliefs. I am an anarchist, I am a nihilist. I don’t care for morals or ethics. I do not believe in ‘one true God’ and I certainly don’t believe that Muhammad was ‘chosen’ as some special prophet. I don’t have anything against homosexuality or promiscuity (I strongly support sexual experimentation and free love). I am against the notions of government, marriage, taxes, and other forms of bondage. I don’t believe in an afterlife. I don’t believe in prayer or in fasting. I am certainly not a conservative, or a traditionalist. I am, above all, a radical, anti-religion, misanthropic anarchist with strong leanings towards nihilism.
So, please do not think of me as a ‘Muslim apologist’ or as a ‘Supporter of Islam’. I am neither of those things. I do not care for Islam in the same way that I do not care for Christianity or Judaism.
However, there are some characteristics of Islam that I greatly respect – namely their practice of Ramadan, their courage, their ‘warrior’ spirit, and their lack of fear regarding death. Unlike their weak, apologetic Christian counterparts, the Muslims are not afraid of war and violence. They accept that humans are inherently violent, and that violence can be used as tool to further their goals. The Islamic religion trains men to be tough, brave, strong and courageous. It teaches them to never accept defeat and to not fear a violent death. The respect I have for Islam is the same respect that I have for fascism; in that it creates a strong individual with an unbreakable willpower.
Islam is like a suit of armor, whereas Christianity is a thin rag. The problems though with this suit of armor is that it is too heavy and too burdensome. My goal is to create a lighter suit of armor (by discarding the supernatural, monotheistic, and ethical constraints), but keeping enough of the metal in tact to be used as a protective layer against outside forces. In other words, I encourage that every person adopt the Muslim spirit of no surrender, no compromise, and no fear of death. However, the many ‘religious’, ‘moral’ and ‘conservative’ aspects can be discarded.
So, I admire the Muslim spirit and courage, but this does not mean that I am a supporter or apologist of Islam.