Past, Present, Future

The past no longer exists, and the future never will exist. You always live in the present – the problem is that most people are unconscious of this. They focus either on the past or the future – forgetting to pay attention to their current existence as it is.

On Calling People ‘Sheep’

The term ‘sheep’ is a popular derogatory term used against those who follow ‘the herd-mentality’ (i.e. the majority of society). And while I myself admit that I largely use the term ‘herd’ and ‘herd-mentality’ when referring to society and its many mindless, conforming servants – I think that the term ‘sheep’ is somewhat offensive to actual sheep.

I say this because sheep can’t help it. A sheep, both biologically and mentally, is unable to break away from its instincts and form its own individual self-identity. A sheep does not have the consciousness to question the actions of other sheep, nor does the sheep have the ability to logically reason and discern. No – a sheep cannot help following the herd-mentality because a sheep is a sheep.

But a human, just about every human, possesses consciousness, possesses reasoning and logical skills, possesses curiosity and the ability to question – yet despite these qualities that are pretty much inherent in every adult – very few people seem to use them in ways that will actually give insight into their own being and identity. Very few people seem to use their abilities to actually question and dissect the anesthetics of society – i.e. mass consumerism, social norms, accepted morality, mindless pop culture, and organized religion. Yes, the difference in herd-mentality between a sheep and a person is that a sheep cannot help it – a sheep is biologically engineered to follow the herd. But a human – a human has the ability to break away and question the herd-mentality, yet very few do.