There Are No ‘For the People’ Movements

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Be especially critical of every movement that claims to be ‘for the people’. The reason why is because all movements are selfish in nature. Every activist, politician or leader is merely trying to get the world ‘in-line’ with their own viewpoints. They say that they are ‘for the people’, and in their defense, they are probably unconscious of their selfish motives (meaning they truly believe that they are indeed putting the needs of others before their own)

However, every human acts according to self-interest, and since humans have such a complex consciousness, this means that selfishness can disguise itself as being altruistic or compassionate. But nonetheless, every movement is led by people who are only involved because it somehow, in one way or another, works to their benefit.

So there are no ‘for the people’ movements. Populism is merely an illusion. Every movement is led and organized by humans who are not ‘for the people’ but are simply ‘for themselves’.

The problem with this is that these movements are essentially lying right off the bat. Commonly, these movements have some moral-high ground, act self-righteous and parade themselves as being the champion of all people. Of course, as mentioned, there are no ‘for the people’ movements. These little tactics and tricks and simply a way for one or more individual leaders to gain power. So be especially critical of populist movements – they are not really ‘populist’, rather they are ‘individualist’ movements that are adept at making people think that they are apart of something greater – something that actually cares for their needs. But this is not true. A populist movement is simply one intelligent leader commanding a bunch of simpleton people who are too moronic to think for themselves.