‘Those Who Think For Themselves’

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I mentioned this briefly in the last post, and decided that the subject deserved a separate post of its own. The term ‘Those Who Think For Themselves’ is, in my opinion, a term that refers to those few individuals who do not care for conformity, socially-acceptable social norms, or the general herd-mentality. These rare individuals are people who truly ‘Think For Themselves’ – they think about themselves, they know what they want, and they are not afraid of expressing what they want or doing whatever seems necessarily in order to obtain what they want. This last part is crucial to the the idea of people who ‘Think For Themselves’ – because there are many of us who may know what we want, but we are afraid to chase after it – either because we are afraid of the consequences or because we lack the will power to see it through.

Just off of the top of my head, I would say individuals who represent the ‘Think For Themselves” category include Friedrich Nietzsche, Varg Vikernes, Aliester Crowley, Charles Manson, Julius Evola, the Unabomber, and Yang Zhu. Now, I do not agree or support all of these people (Varg is a racist and convicted murderer, Manson is an insane psychopath), but the point is not that I agree with these individuals, the point is that I believe these to be individuals who truly ‘Think For Themselves’. These individuals had no concern regarding the norms or restrictions imposed on them by both laws and society in general. These individuals were willingly to go to extreme lengths to explain, showcase, spread and express their unconventional, unique views – and it is because of this that I classify them as ‘Those Who Think for Themselves’. All you have to do is look up each one of these individuals, read their viewpoints and beliefs and you will surely see what I mean.

Thinking for yourself is a hard task, but in the end you do become a unique individual, and not some commonplace sheep. Be radical. Be different. Do not be afraid of expressing your views or being a person who against the conventional modern world.