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I am a very strong supporter of the idea that people should be armed with weapons. To say ‘I support the Second Amendment’ would seem hypocritical though, at least to me, seeing as how I view the constitution as nothing more than a worthless piece of paper. Nonetheless, I guess you could say I am very pro-gun, in that I do believe people should be able to own guns for personal use. I do not care what kinds of guns – automatics, glocks, an AK47 with a grenade launcher. I take things one step further though, and I ultimately believe that people should be able to own any weapons they want. Brass knuckles for some reason are illegal in most states, yet I think that they are a legitimate form of defense. If a person wants to buy and own a grenade, a land mine, a sawed-off shotgun, a missile, a working tank, a fighter jet – honestly I am not opposed to making any of these things illegal. If a person wants to own a weapon, and if they are willing to pay for it, then by all means they should have it.
But I digress. The point of this post is to show that I am very pro-gun (pro-weapon is more accurate term actually). One of the things that bothers me the most are those miserable liberals who want to not only ban certain weapons, but they want the government to take away weapons that people already possess. The worst kind of liberals are those that want to ban all guns in general, or enact a very strict gun law similar to ones in Europe. The idea of civilians being disarmed, and having only the military and police have firearms is a thought that disgusts me. I do not trust the police or the military. They are simply puppets to the government. People need weapons (like guns) to protect themselves not only from criminals, but from the police and military. The whole idea behind the Second Amendment was that, in case of an emergency, the common folk would be armed and able to defend themselves. While I don’t care for the constitution, the reasoning behind the Second Amendment’s creation is logically sound and understandable – weapons protect people.
Another reason I am pro-gun is because gun ownership is very individualistic in nature. A man with a gun is able to protect himself and those he cares for. Without a gun, a man must rely on the police or military to protect him. A man must essentially give away his ‘freedom’ to protect himself. His fate is now largely in the hands of the police and military. This idea is a dream for liberals though. Liberals are like children and they view the government as a strong adult – they want to be taken care of, provided for and protected. The liberals cannot do these things themselves, and thus any person who espouses a lifestyle of individualism, self-protection and resourcefulness is deemed a threat to them.
Guns are a necessary tool that man must use for self-defense. Liberals talk about championing “equality” – yet they are opposed to guns, which essentially make everyone equal. Think about it – it doesn’t matter what gender, or race, or height or weight or sexuality a person is – a gun will protect them better than if they had only their bare hands. On a one-on-one fight between a 6’7 300 pound linebacker and a 5’6 100 pound woman – there is no denying that the 6’7 guy would win. But if each one of them had a gun then it would be a ‘fair’ fight for the most part – or at least, it would be a much fairer fight than the two of them going one-on-one. Guns make people equal, or at least near the same level.
The other hypocritical thing about liberals is that they are constantly bashing the police for brutality, or the military for its many aggressive acts of war and violence towards civilians – yet these same liberals want these same police and military to be the only ones allowed to own guns.
These same liberals seem to believe that banning guns will help end crime, or it will stop school shootings. But again, banning things never seems to work. The government banned marijuana and yet the plant is practically everywhere in the US. The government banned numerous other drugs and yet, with not much effort, one can easily find a drug dealer who can sell you an illegal drug. If banning drugs did not work than how will banning guns work?
A person who wants to shoot up a school or commit a terrorist attack will do whatever means necessary to obtain a gun. They won’t think “oh no, guns are illegal. I guess I won’t shoot up that school now”. No – if a person is really that psychotic to even contemplate on shooting up a school then surely some petty little law won’t stop them from going underground and finding an illegal arms dealer.
Are guns dangerous? Yes, they are. But so is just about everything else. Cars, airplanes, the food we eat, the technology we use – all of its dangerous. Indeed, dangerous things are usually quite fun (at least to me). A world without dangerous things would be a boring world. But I digress.
I am against any form of gun regulation or ban. I see any form of gun control as nothing more than an authoritarian attempt to limit mans freedom and to make him dependent on the government.
Guns should not be made illegal and they should not be regulated. I do not need the police or the military to protect me – I can protect myself with my own weapons, as should every other man who is not an absolute leech.