What If ‘Deeper Meanings’ Merely Are Illusions?

Perhaps everything is superficial. Many times I’ve been praised for my ‘depth’ in regards to philosophy – how I go deep into the underlying concepts of things and penetrate beyond the surface – bringing a person into an area of thought that is deeper than than usual limit. But perhaps all my ‘depth’ is for nothing. Perhaps everything is superficial – and these ‘depths’ of mine are nothing more than an illusion created by my consciousness. Of all the ideas that bother me – this one bothers me the most. Perhaps our entire existence is simple – we live and die and there is no reason, no meaning, and no structure behind any of this. All this philosophy and psychology and aesthetics – perhaps they’re all just illusions that ones consciousness creates. Perhaps everything is superficial. Perhaps the ignorant and blissfully stupid people have lived life as it should be lived.