Enlightening the Masses

An attempt to ‘enlighten’ the masses is doomed for failure, because in order to ‘enlighten’ a large number of people – one must make their work easily understandable, applicable to all, and above all – they must make it appeal to the masses. The last part is perhaps the hardest – because as history has shown the masses are often impressed and motivated by trivial things. Subjects of an advanced spiritual or intellectual level are not desired by the masses – the majority of people want an easy, understandable, and pleasing philosophy to live their lives by. Hence, we see why organized religion, and pop culture, and mass consumerism have taken hold of the United States and other industrial countries.

Most people don’t want to open their eyes to the harsh realities of this world. Most people don’t want to question their fundamental beliefs – or listen to the arguments of their opponents. Most people simply want to be happy, and this superficial happiness comes as a result of ignorance, compliance, and submission.
In order to get people interested in a so-called ‘awakening’, one would need to create a system that appeals to the masses, and like I mentioned above, anything that appeals to the masses must be simple, inspiring and reassuring. So, more than likely, any ‘philosophy’ or ‘system’ that attempts to be applicable to the masses will inevitably become simplistic, superficial, and will likely be filled with comforting lies.
Thus, the idea that one can ‘awaken’ or ‘enlighten’ the masses is a futile attempt. It is best if like-minded people simply keep to themselves and let the rest of the world carry on with their trivial pursuits and fictions beliefs. The only person you can ever truly help is yourself, so forget about the others.