Better Off Without Consciousness?

Sometimes I think that we would be better off if we were just as stupid and as instinctual as other animals. If we lived like birds or fish -with no cares in the world except our desire to survive and reproduce.

The lack of consciousness that other animals have – the inability to overthink, to analyze, to reason, to question, to have imagination, to create complex problems and solutions – sometimes I think we’d be better off without these things. How much simpler our lives would be if we just lived and never contemplated on our existence – if we simply acted with no feelings – our only motivation being an inherent instinct that is unnoticeable to us. How easy life would be. Sure, life would still be hard, in that we would live in the dangerous and seemingly chaotic world of nature – but we wouldn’t be conscious enough to worry or suffer about it. At least, we wouldn’t worry and suffer on the same level we do now – in our industrialized, technological world.