On Blaming 2016

I’ve noticed a trend in social media where people seem to be ‘blaming’ or ‘hating’ on the year 2016 due to all the ‘bad’ events that have occurred. I understand that this is mostly a joke, however, being who I am, I must point out the illogical nature behind most of these ‘I hate 2016’ posts.

For all those people who keep bitching about how 2016 was terribleĀ  1.) years are an arbitrary form of measurement, ‘2016’ is not an actual entity or being, so blaming ‘2016’ for being shit is totally unreasonable because guess what, 2016 doesn’t exist in a material form 2.) people seem to think that universe actually cares about their wants, desires and feelings like, it doesn’t. The universe has no consciousness, it is totally indifferent to your entire existence and will continue to operate under laws that are beyond your control and 3.) if you think ‘2016’ is a terrible year than that’s your fault, because it’s your consciousness that’s telling you it is a terrible year. It’s your sensory experience, your interpretation, and your emotions that make this year seem like ‘shit’. The universe isn’t a terrible place – the universe is just the universe. Words like ‘terrible’ or ‘horrible’ have meaning only to humans, these words do not actually exist in a material form. Therefore, if you thought this year was terrible it’s because your own consciousness has projected emotions and human words in an attempt to describe a year (2016), which in itself is an arbitrary concept.

Tl;dr: stop blaming 2016, 2016 doesn’t actually exist, if you thought this year was shit then that is a result of your own consciousness, the universe is indifferent to you.