‘New Year, New Me’

‘New Year, New Me’ – uh, excuse me but the carbon atoms in your body are constantly changing so technically your always a new ‘you’. Not to mention that your thoughts are in flux and that, although your identity may seem stable, in reality your unconscious tract and physical body are constantly changing – essentially the ‘you’ two minutes ago is not the ‘you’ right now. For example, you are a different person (a new person) while reading this blog post, because the thoughts in your head right now are different then they were before, therefore technically right now you are ‘new’ in the sense that you are doing and thinking something in an order that has never been done by ‘you’ before. Let’s say you go back and read this blog post again – well technically you will still be ‘new’ because this will be the first time you are rereading this blog post.

In other words, you are always a ‘new’ you. Your body and mind are constantly changing, and although the concept of a personal identity may seem stable, it is actually changing too. You are always ‘new’, to the point where the word ‘new’ loses its meaning, because it always exists. There may be a ‘past you’, but this ‘past you’ no longer exists, at least materially that is. The ‘past you’ only exists as a figment of your imagination. In tangible reality, you are always ‘new’. So when you say ‘new year, new me’ it’s a rather meaningless concept – because you’re always ‘new’.
Also, if you really want to become a ‘new’ or ‘different’ person – why wait until a ‘new’ year to do so? Do it now. Pushing it off only shows that you are reluctant, procrastinating, or not serious about this ‘new’ you that you wish to bring into being.