Consciousness Causes Us to Think We Have a Purpose

Consciousness makes us think that we have a purpose – that we’re important. That, because we are self-aware, this somehow must mean that this ‘self-awareness’ must serve some purpose. After all, if we are self-aware surely this must be because there is some high meaning or purpose that we can discover – right? But ask yourself this question – what if the universe is indifferent to your self-awareness? We ponder, and contemplate, and think about what our meaning in life is – and we do this because we have consciousness, because we are self-aware. We can’t help it – it’s just the way our brains work. We think and question the world around us – but that doesn’t mean the questions will have ‘answers’. It would appear that all meaning is itself subjective, or at least largely given value by a conscious human.

Thus, perhaps all our ‘deep’ and ‘philosophical’ questions are nothing more than a diversion to distract us from the inherently meaninglessness and indifferent universe we inhabit. We are conscious, and we realize how cruel and unfair the world is, and we are aware of our suffering, and we aware of our creativity – thus we formulate these questions, these religions, these so-called ‘answers’ and ‘hopes’ to try and tell ourselves that we have a purpose, that we have a meaning, that in the end everything will be worth it! But perhaps it wont – more than likely it wont. We exist and then we fade into non-existence. We are conscious, and we therefore are aware our position in a harsh universe. So we try to formulate ideas, concepts, and so on – we try to create ‘meaning’ and such. But these ‘deeper meanings’, these ‘inherent purposes’, these ‘important questions’ might be nothing more than figments of our imagination.

Every now and then – I find it somewhat cathartic to just say to myself ‘everything is meaningless, none of my ideas are valuable, everything I believe is a lie, and I have no purpose in this world’. Try it sometime – after a while it becomes liberating.