Aesthetic Environmentalism

I consider myself an aesthetic environmentalist? What is that? Well, essentially it is an environmentalist who is an environmentalist only because they want to preserve the beauty found in nature.

There are many environmentalists who, when asked why they became environmentalists, may respond with answers such as ‘I want to make the world a better place,’ or ‘I want to improve the world for future generations,’ or the moralistic, pompous response ‘because I have a duty to protect mother nature!’

However, I could care less for any of these reasons. I really don’t care about what happens to the environment after I am gone, after all I will be dead – and it wont effect me. I also could care less about making the world ‘a better place’ – I have no desire to do this because it almost always ends in failure or disappointment. And of course, the whole notion that, since I am a member of the human race, I somehow have some ‘obligation’ to protect nature – well that is perhaps the most ridiculous claim there is. After all, in all honestly, mother nature is constantly trying to kill us. If anything, I shouldn’t have an obligation to mother nature – I should be an enemy of mother nature, since it is nature with all its viruses, and wild animals, and natural disasters that could seriously hurt me.

So why am I an environmentalist then? The answer is quite simple – it’s because I enjoy the beauty found in nature and I want to preserve it. To see a thing of beauty, especially a natural beauty, being destroyed is quite atrocious. To think that stunning forests, tranquil oceans, and lush jungles will be destroyed and replaced with hideous, modern cities – well this is quite unsettling.

The idea, for example, that the sublime rain-forest of Brazil is being deforested in order to make room for more of those disgusting slums or useless attractions – ugh, such a thought is nauseating. To think that the beautiful and frightening ocean will be polluted with the waste of careless, ignorant humans. To think that the ancient and refreshing aura of tranquil forests will be totally destroyed  just to provide material to build some plain, unattractive cookie-cutter houses – ugh, such terrible thoughts!

So yes, I am an environmentalist simply because I find nature to be very beautiful and I do not want to see such beauty destroyed. Likewise, I hate the idea of such natural beauty being destroyed just to make more disgusting or plain artificial creations like modern houses, apartments, cities and so on. There is a certain beauty in cities, I wont deny that, but to tear down nature in order to make more room for these cities is not a suggestion that I would be supportive of. Leave nature as it is.

I am an aesthetic environmentalist. I support environmental causes and conservation only because I want nature to be preserved with all its beauty and tranquility. If I found nature to be ugly, or unattractive – then I could care less what mankind did to it. But since nature pleases me with its sublimity, I must take a stand to protect its beauty.

(Also, I could not find any other posts or people who claim to be ‘aesthetic environmentalists’. Therefore I am also content that perhaps I have created a new term for a new movement. My ego is satisfied fam) 🙂