Why Do I Write? What Do I Hope to Accomplish?

‘How does one become fully conscious? How does one truly understand themselves? How does one know their true being?’

I am afraid that, despite my obvious efforts at promoting self-discovery, I myself am still very much on a path of exploration into my own existence. I have not found all the answers, indeed I doubt I’ve actually found any. However, I enjoy writing my thoughts and, in a way, this writing is sort of like my own person journal – a progress report perhaps. By writing down my ideas and thoughts I am recording and storing my own development and self-discovery.
Metaphorically I like to view myself as a sort of mountain climber. I have not reached the peak (indeed I don’t even see the peak, and perhaps the peak itself doesn’t exist) but nonetheless I am still climbing, still analyzing, still observing the mountain, trying to find the best path, moving forward, making mistakes, getting hurt – but nonetheless I still continue to climb. And on my climb I write down everything I have learned and observed, and then I throw these papers to the wind that way people below might find them and get inspired to climb up the mountain too. I don’t expect the people below to follow me word for word, or to accept everything that I have written and then try and recreate the same path. I simply hope that someone reads the little papers I have thrown to the wind and gets inspired to climb the mountain too. That’s all I want. For others to climb too – for others to embark on a journey of self-discovery, of consciousness – of being and understanding themselves.