On My Own Beliefs

I do not claim to be right nor do I claim to be wrong. I am not enforcing my beliefs on anyone, nor do I intend to become some ‘prophet’ or ‘wise man’. What I write about are my beliefs, my insights and my ideas. They are mine in the sense that I believe them, and that to some extent I have modified them to my own liking. Sometimes I use scientific evidence to back them up, sometimes I go off of intuition and observation, other times I may have a belief just because it resonates with me. I do not believe that my views are ‘objectively true’. They are simply my beliefs, and I write them down to share them with others and to hopefully inspire people to find their own paths in life. In the end we all end up dead correct? So what difference does it make if I am ‘right’ or ‘wrong’? So long as I am content with my views – that is all that matters. And likewise I tell the same thing to you – all that matters is that you are content with your beliefs – that they hold and give meaning to your life.