Inner Beauty

In terms of both art and people, I think that an inner, unseeable beauty is essential to aesthetics.

There must be an inner, invisible beauty that resides inside the subject. A beauty that cannot be seen but can be felt. This kind of beauty, the beauty of symbolism I would say – is what I truly appreciate. A work of art that has a powerful soul deep inside it – a soul that can be felt but not seen. This kind of inner beauty makes me feel almost complete inside – as if, by inferring the symbolism in the art, a part of my own soul is connecting with the soul of the artist – or the soul of the painting, or both.

Same goes with people I suppose. To be with a person and to feel that deep inside that persons heart there is another form of beauty that is not physical or material but symbolic. A beauty beyond language or vision – a beauty that captures and makes one feel complete. The beauty of a kind heart – or the beauty of a tortured soul. Things that cannot be seen but can be felt – and when one feels them they feel as if a part of their own being is intertwining with another. When you notice the inner beauty in some individual, you feel as if a special connection has been established between you two.