Flesh and Skin

‘Flesh’ is a much more aesthetically pleasing word than ‘skin’.

The word ‘skin’ just sounds childish – innocent almost.
The word ‘flesh’ on the other hand has a very sensual pull to it. Flesh. When the tongue hits the alveolar ridge to make the “L” sound in ‘flesh’ – that has very sexual feel to it . The ‘L’ phoneme reminds one of words such as ‘lust’, ‘lick’, ‘licentious’, ‘libido’, ‘love’.
Fl-e-sh. The “sh” sound also has a sort of sensuous feel to it. Skin on the other hand is rather boring, not to mention it has the word (kin) in it (kin as in family)- which by no means has an erotic pulse to it (at least, hopefully it shouldn’t).
Yes, flesh is much more sensual than skin. When describing the body of a person one ought to use the word ‘flesh’ rather than skin – at least in moments of sensual beauty.