Enslaved to Ideals and Beliefs

One will always be enslaved to one ideal or another. No matter what – one will always have some ideal, some belief, some goal that drives them, encourages them, torments them – and perhaps even destroys them.

Even those who try to break all attachments are in a way still attached – they are attached to the idea of breaking all attachments. Yes, we will always be enslaved to some sort of ideal or ideals – but this does not mean that all ideals are ‘equal’. Some are much more destructive and dangerous than others, just as some are more noble or peaceful. For example, those businessmen who have a hunger for financial gain cause much more damage than those monks who are dedicated to spiritual enlightenment.
The problem is not that we are enslaved by ideals, it is that we are often enslaved to ideals that were forced onto us by society.
One should be critical of their ideals, research other ideals, and possibly create their own ideals. At least then you’ll be enslaved to something that actually matters to you, and not just on an unconscious level – for most of the ‘ideals’ that we are enslaved too are unconscious to us – we are driven by them yet we aren’t quite sure what they are or why we desire them.