On Creating a Personal Meaning to Your Life

Life probably doesn’t have an inherent meaning. But that doesn’t mean that life is meaningless. Most things in this world are inherently meaningless, but they still have ‘meaning’ in the sense that we give things meaning.

For example, the money you have, it’s meaning is determined by you. The friendships you have – again the meaning of these ‘bonds’ is determined by you. Things such as ‘love’, ‘hard work’, ‘ethics’ – they have meaning in the sense that they have a meaning to you.

Are any of these meanings objective, or spiritual, or inherent? The answer is likely no. Think about all the things that have ‘meaning’ in you life and you’ll realize that this ‘meaning’ is subjective – the value of things is determined by you (whether consciously or unconsciously).
In the same way that you give meaning to objects or feelings – so too can you give meaning to life. Create your own meaning in life. Why must the purpose of life be some kind of objective truth? Why is it so hard to think that we just live and die without being a part of any grand scheme?
Life has a meaning if you give it a meaning. Life is experienced by you – and you are you, so you will give life it’s meaning. Life, as you experience it, will have a meaning given to it by you – a meaning that will possibly be only relevant to you.