Buddhism and Emptiness


What I like about Buddhism is that it does not attempt to conceal or distract one from the emptiness inside their lives. Other religions seem to focus a lot on the idea that by doing or accepting X you will somehow be complete.

“Accept Jesus in you life and you will be complete!”
“Follow the commands of God and you will be complete!”
“Spread love and peace and you will be complete!”
So many religious teachings seem to offer a feeling of ‘completeness’ as a sort of motivation for following their religion.
But Buddhism on the other hand doesn’t seem to do this. Rather than promise a feeling of completion, Buddhism says ‘You will always be empty. Embrace the emptiness! Become one with the void.’ I prefer this, this idea of ’embracing ones emptiness’ rather than the ideas that completion and completeness can be obtained. The feeling of emptiness is an integral part of our lives.