You Will Be You

You are who you are. Whether there is determinism or free will, whether you are conscious or unconscious, whether you are a radical individualist or a collective slave, whether you know yourself or have not the slightest idea about your being – you are who you are. You will be you, not forever of course, because everything is ephemeral – but for the time being, while you exist – you will be you. And only death will change that. Only in death will you finally join everything that once was in the emptiness of nonexistence. But until then, until you do finally cease to exist- you will be you. No matter what you do, or what you believe, or how you feel – you will be you. So stop trying to be someone else, because you will never be that person. You will be you. In the end, everyone – you, me, your role model, your true love, your best friend, your worst enemy – in the end all of use become “one” in death. When we all cease to exist – that is when you and everyone else will finally be identical! But until then, until you die, you will be you.  So stop trying to be someone else! You exist now – and you will be you!