Those Who ‘Fight’ Society

To fight society is, in a way, to attempt to become a part of it – to reform a society that way you will no longer be the outsider.

I often see these people who pride themselves on their individuality and uniqueness, yet they also desperately want to ‘reform’ or ‘change’ society that way the world can be more in line with their views.

I have no desire to change or fight society – I am indifferent to it. I exist. Society exists. I couldn’t care less if society was ‘more in-tune’ with my views or vice versa. I have no intention of ‘fighting’ or ‘reforming’ society because in my opinion the concept of ‘society’ is automatically anti-individual. A ‘society’ is a group of individuals, where things such as personal taste, feelings, emotions and so on vanish, and are instead melted into one, consistent ‘culture’ of some sorts. Society is the opposite of the word ‘Individual’. By wanting to make ‘society’ more in line with your own views, you are essentially saying ‘I want everyone else to have the same values as me.’

I don’t care if people share the same beliefs as me or not. They are my beliefs. They have meaning to me – I have no intention of forcing them on others or forcing society as a whole to adopt them, hence why I have no desire to ‘fight’ society.