The Meaning to Life May Be the Search Itself

Sometimes, I think that the meaning of life is just to search for a meaning of life. The search for a meaning is itself the meaning of life. In other words, our search for meaning is what gives life meaning.
For example, imagine that you are a miner, and your goal is to dig underground until you reach a treasure, which in this case is “the meaning of life”. We dig and dig and dig searching for this treasure – yet the treasure is actually the act of digging itself. There is no bottom to this ground and we will continue to dig and dig until we finally tire and give up or die trying.
So, in our search for meaning, perhaps it will do us good to sit back every now and then and enjoy the progress we’ve made so far. And when we continue to “dig” again, we must find someway to enjoy the act of digging – to find pleasure in the search for meaning. As I said above, perhaps the search for a meaning is itself the meaning to life.