The only justifiable form of destruction is self-destruction.
After all, you own you. You are technically your own property. If you wish to destroy something it might as well be yourself.
I mean, take for example the Buddhist monk Thích Quang Duc, who burned himself alive in 1963 as an act of protest.
Thích Quang Duc was discontent with the South Vietnamese government, so what did he do?
But did he bomb a building? No.
Did he take a family hostage? No.
Did he launch a series of guerilla attacks against the government? No.
Did he vandalize any property? No.
So what did Thích Quang Duc do? He burned himself. Rather than destroy someone else, or someone’s property, Thích Quang Duc initiated an act of self-destruction. He hurt no one but himself. Can you imagine how much better the world would be if every terrorist and every radical took out their anger not on others – but only on themselves?
Self-destruction is the only justifiable form of destruction. If you are going to hurt someone, or try to destroy something – it might as well be yourself.