Pain, Suffering and Beauty

One must live in pain, and yet they must also learn to see the beauty in their suffering.

Imagine a marble statue for example. The marble statue is beautiful – but it wasn’t always like this. At one point in time this marble statue was merely a block of marble – indistinguishable from any other block of marble. But over time this block of marble was chiseled, sculptured, torn apart, broken, hit and damaged until it formed a shape – a particular identity.

pietrasanta-sculpture-marble-block      1-earth-touch-marble-buddha-sculpture

Likewise, your identity is largely formed through the struggles in your life and how you overcome them. Struggle is what defines you – its what motivates you. If you can learn to see the beauty in this struggle then the pain becomes bearable – to some extent it can even become desirable.

And of course, I am sure the realists will mention ‘But a block of marble has no consciousness – it cannot feel pain, unlike us humans’. They are right, a marble statue does not feel the pain and force being pressured against it. However, a marble statue is also not able to appreciate its own beauty. Consciousness of pleasure and peace requires a consciousness of pain and suffering. A person must have both – not one or the other.