My Debt to Dostoevsky


Whenever someone’s mentions Christianity, it is not the image of Christ that pops into my head – but an image of Dostoevsky.

I must confess that I would probably be a full-blown nihilist if it weren’t for Dostoevsky. For some reason, Dostoevsky and his writings were able to sew a tinge of hope into my heart. Not a lot, but a little – a little bit of hope. What I admired about Dostoevsky is that he portrayed humans not as inherently good or evil, but as humans – flawed, imperfect, at times selfish and at other times penitent, miserable, lonely, misunderstood, and above all – seeking a place in an indifferent world.

I still see the world in a very negative light – but there is at least some light, thanks to Dostoevsky.