Individuality is a Threat to Herd Mentality

The ‘herd’ will view anyone who is different as being a threat. And rightly so – for a man who is not apart of the herd has the potential to inspire others to break away too. And of course, when others start breaking away the entire herd mentality begins to crumble.

The ‘herd’ is based on obedience, and obedience to conformity. When one is ‘different’, and begins expressing their ‘individuality’ – that person is breaking both rules of the herd – they are not conforming which in turn means that they are not being obedient.

Since most people are instilled with their so-called ‘cherished beliefs’ from day one, they tend to view anyone who differentiates from said beliefs as being a threat to the whole. And, as I mentioned above, they are right to do so – for any person with non-conformist views will indeed be a threat (even if only a minor one) to the herd mentality.