Emotions and Politics

Political opinions that rely solely on pathos are weak and ridiculous – and should be treated as nothing more than a childish attempt to satisfy ones inner emotions.

What I mean by this is that I frequently find ‘political opinions’ that rely solely on an emotional factor. ‘Think of the children’, ‘Feel sorry for these people,’ ‘Sympathize with their pain’ and so on. I see videos on Facebook of some poor and suffering family or some struggling college student which, in a very non-logical way, attempts to justify some kind of political ‘reform’ based solely on pathos – or the attempt to invoke pity in one. Most of these arguments sound like “If you don’t support X belief than you are inhumane!” or “If you don’t believe in X then you have no heart!”or “If you don’t support X then you don’t care for the poor!”

These kinds of political opinions, the ones that rely solely on pathos, are weak and ridiculous. If you do not have any logical or reasonable justifications for your political opinions (meaning if your opinion is based solely on ’empathy’) – then I have little to no regard or even interest in said opinion.  The world is a cruel place – it is largely indifferent to your ’empathy’.

I am not saying that we should lack on empathy, all I am saying is that in regards to politics one should not base their opinions solely on emotional factors. Sometimes the most ’empathetic’ decision leads to worst consequences.