You Define You

In the end – only you define you. What I mean by this is that you are whatever you believe you are. For example, if someone says that “you are intelligent”, then it is up to you to decide if this quality really defines you. If someone says “you are tall”, then still it is up to you to decide if you really consider yourself ‘tall’. Likewise, any qualities that you use to describe yourself are completely up for your own choosing. Even if, for example, someone were to say something like “you are a terrible person”, it is still up to you to decide if you will accept this description or not. And, lets say everyone in the world calls you a ‘terrible person’. Again, it is up to you to decide if you are a terrible person or not. If you do not believe that you are a terrible person, then you will not describe yourself as a terrible person.

In other words, what I am saying is that you define you. You are the only one who can actually believe what you want to believe. If you think that you are intelligent, then you will live your life believing that you are intelligent. Now, this does not necessarily mean ‘Oh, so as long as I believe that I am X, then I must be really be X”. No – that is not what I am stating. For example, a white person may say and believe that they are black – regardless of this they are not actually black. However, if they believe they are black, then they will describe themselves as black  and be indifferent to other peoples opinions or facts.

What I am trying to say is that you define you! You are the one who believes what you want to believe! If you believe that you are X, then you will describe yourself as X, regardless of what other people say. Please, stop letting other peoples opinions about you define you. In the end, you will always be the one who defines your own self image. So, why let other people – people who are not you – define you? Why let other people and their opinions be the basis of how you see you? They are not you – you are you! Only you know yourself – therefore disregard the opinions of others and find your own categories of self-description. You will always define you – whether you view yourself as good or bad, attractive or ugly, intelligent or stupid – all of these descriptions are ultimately up to you. So you might as well define yourself in the way that best pleases you, in the way that makes you happy, in the way that makes you content. I am whatever I believe myself to be! You are whatever you believe yourself to be!


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