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Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Jackson Hayano and I have decided to start this website mostly as a sounding board/platform for the many thoughts and ideas that I have lingering inside my head. I admit that many of these ideas may come off as being incoherent, contradictory, or paradoxical – however as I have mentioned above this website is mostly a sounding board – not a structured,consistent, principled textbook. In other words, if you are expecting some type of informative and methodological website that gives precise and coherent advice then I am afraid you will be disappointed. Many of the thoughts/ideas that I will be discussing here are ones that occur to me on the spur of the moment and for the most part are not fully developed. Nonetheless, I am sure that you will find something of interest on this website and I hope that I can, in one way or another, help you see the world in a different light and come to terms with the world we live in and the place we have in it.

My chief areas of interest include aesthetics, introspection, psychology, ontology, Buddhism, metaphysics, and science. I am, for the most part, largely apolitical, so if you are expecting some kind of blog that discusses the problems in society and then tries to give ways to fix it – well then you will be disappointed. For the most part, I view politics as a continual cycle of useless arguing, incompetent bureaucracy, and false promises. I have no intention of changing the world or making any difference whatsoever on this ‘society’ as it is called. I am in indifferent to it – my primary concern is with the individual self – not the collective whole. Of course, this shouldn’t turn you off, I am just admitting that this website is not a Conservative/Liberal/Progressive/Traditionalist/etc. critique of society followed by solutions related to said political party. One could technically classify me as perhaps an Individualist, or an Anarchist, but even then I mostly reject these labels due to the presumptions and connotations that these words tend to invoke.

Again, as I have mentioned above, many of these thoughts of mine are not fully developed – so please do not act surprised or judgemental if one or more or posts tend to contradict with each other. I am fully aware that not all my thoughts are consistent – but then again most people do not have perfectly coherent thoughts. People change – and their ideas change too. I will not delete anything from this blog simply because I believe that my former ideas (i.e. ideas I no longer agree with) may be the inspiration for someone else’s ideas. I will keep everything that I post on this website, so obviously as time goes on the posts may conflict with one another.

I should also admit that many of my ideas may come off as pessimistic, depressing, and perhaps even nihilistic (I am not a nihilist though). That’s simply because I am not a very optimistic person in regards to the world, or humanity, or life in general. I believe that we spend much of our lives trying to make the world seem like a better place – seem, that is, we don’t actually make the world a better place – we just try to hide or conceal all its horrors and pretend they don’t exist. Imagine for example that there is a large, unsettling hole in a wall. Since the hole in the wall is rather displeasing, a person hangs a large, beautiful picture over the hole in order to conceal it. No one see the hole anymore – but nonetheless it still exists. Likewise, I feel as if humanity has spent much of its time trying to ‘conceal the displeasing hole’ in our lives via organized religion, mass consumerism, pop culture and other anesthetizing methods. My goal then is to take you off the anesthetic that way you can see the terrible hole and emptiness in your life, and then, rather than hide it, you will learn to embrace it or fix it. Or perhaps you will end up tearing down the entire wall itself, after all the hole can’t exist if the wall doesn’t exist. Although this type of self-destruction is not necessarily what I aim for – though it is not necessarily a bad thing either.

Please enjoy this blog of mine and hopefully you can learn something new, or perhaps find a new perception of the world around you!

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feel free to contact me for you know, whatever.